The TabberStringer assembles cells up to 8".

The well-tested infared - soldering - process guarantees best precision soldering of solar cells within a stable, monitored process window. Cells are handled with sensitive care and through profiled temperature curves and time curves, stress is reduced to aminimum.

The solder control unit determines and monitores all processes. All datas are displayed and automatically logged in an internal data base to be used e.g. for statistics an quality purposes.




PLC/PC controlled


  • For very thin cells down to 120 microns
  • High performance stringer:
  • Single stringer at 800 cells per hour
  • Double stringer 1600 cells per hour
  • 2 or 3 busbars
  • Standard ribbon stretching
  • Standard ribbon bending
  • Infrared soldering station with
    specific temperature control
  • Pre-and reheating devices
  • Connectable PDA